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Laser cut

TM Laser performs high precision laser cutting on sheet metal, with a maximum operating range of 1500×3000 mm, on customer request. We have the last generation fiber system. The cut is carried on the following materials:

  • Carbon steel;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Aluminum;
  • Galvanized sheet;
  • Corten;
  • Copper;
  • Brass.


Our company is aimed at:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Metal structures
  • Boilers and stoves
  • Components for earthmoving equipment
  • Parts construction
  • Furnishings and design
  • Street furniture

The precision laser cuts, in TM LASER, occur with the aid of numerical control machines and are performed as well as designed in the design stage, with the guarantee of a very good result in the realization of the finished product.

TM LASER is a leader in metalworking, and the carpentry department is prepared and has the technology to perform any type of cut, from the simplest to the most complex. The aim is to respond to specific requirements in terms of technical design and intended use of the semifinished piece.

We offer our professionality right from the design phase, assisting his Audit Client in the realization of even complex mechanical products.


Today, the laser cutting is the most popular and most developed system of the industrial field.

On the technical side, the laser is a luminous ray where they find place waves of light, all with the same direction and the same wavelength. Also has the characteristic to focus considerable energy on imperceptible surfaces. This process allows you get incredibly high temperatures on the affected part of the light beam. The intensification of the temperature in a very restricted area causes the dissolution, or even the snapshot atomization, of the section of material affecting with the laser beam, with the consequent creation of a tiny hole.

The laser-cutting benefits consist in the possibility to get the cutting edges also very shrunk and parallel, maintain the melting zone limited, the ability to operate on the cutting profiles also very complex and articulated, by performing cutting shapes with small curvature radii.